The 48th ward has been my home for more than half my life.
I am a homeowner who raised my own family here, and neighbors are now life-long friends

Citing public safety and violent crime concerns, Roxanne Volkmann, a housing and fair wage expert, circulates nomination petitions for 2023 race

Resident of the 48th ward
Service in the Federal Government
Recovered for 843 workers

...working mom, longtime Edgewater resident...

My name is Roxanne. I’m a working mom and homeowner, I’ve been a public servant for three decades, and I’ve been an Edgewater resident for more than 25 years.

This is a crucial time for this community- we don’t feel safe. I’ve experienced the phone call that many parents dread when my son was robbed at gunpoint this summer. I know it could have been much worse. I will work hard to make it much better. We need to work with our police officers, through community dialogue, investment in violent crime prevention, and increasing mental health resources.

So many 48th  ward residents have told me that we need and miss our neighborhood beat patrol officers. I will do all I can to bring them back. Public safety requires smarter hiring, better training, and clearer accountability. As of October 2022, there were about 1,400 vacancies among Chicago’s police officers. We need to support hiring officers from eligible candidates within our community so that law enforcement better reflects the community it serves.

Lack of affordability and housing needs in Chicago affect us all. The 48th ward is rich in diversity and history— we have residents who have lived here for most of their lives, from refugees who have fled war to our seniors on fixed incomes. My priority is to ensure our neighbors can remain in the places they have called home for so long. Our business districts need to be vibrant again, full of small businesses, restaurants, theaters, and other venues that will contribute to our local economy’s growth and our community’s well-being. I will work with organizations like the Chambers of Commerce, local community groups, landlords, and business groups to find ways to not only attract new businesses, but to keep
those businesses here in our ward.

As alderman, I will fight for women across Chicago. That means I will fight for reproductive freedom, affordable childcare, fair wages, and more.

I have been a public servant for three decades: a federal expert on fair wages and worker’s rights, housing, and urban development. I had a fellowship that allowed me an opportunity to graduate from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard with an Executive Education as a community builder, worked as the Director of Constituent Services for a US Senator, and now I protect worker’s rights.

We must be better stewards of the city budget entrusted to us. I know where and how to access federal funding that we are failing to tap into. These and other resources are available which can free up city funds while slowing the burden of tax increases on residents. I know how government works and I will make sure that it works for us, smarter and more efficiently.

We’re tired of being asked to the table only after decisions about us have already been made for us. I will have an open office and proactively engage the community in dialogue early in the process, through regular and topic-specific meetings. I will ensure outreach to our residents and community leaders so that there is full transparency and decisions are made with the input of our whole community- not just behind closed doors.

I’m a daughter of a medical technologist who immigrated here from the Philippines and a father who worked third shift at a factory as a proud UAW union worker. I love this community and this city, and I am resolved to listen to the needs of my neighbors and work hard to deliver for them.


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